S T Ø J is a solitary experience of Joseph Smalley, better known as the rhythmic half of the duo Quadrupède.
Here, there is room for electronic experimentations: overlapping layers of sound, responding arpeggios, synthetic madness. No vicious beat but a work of contrasts and atmospheres, sometimes contemplative or epic, sometimes misty or flamboyant. S T Ø J has found his style, in the tradition of Fuck Buttons, Mondkopf or Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and thus blurs the electronica's tracks.

"WO E R LD", his first EP released by October Tone in 2017, is an ode to the destruction of all things and the beauty induced by this purpose.
S T Ø J interprets his pieces surrounded by synthesizers and various materials, leaving room for expressiveness, multiple possibilities and accidents.