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BBCC continues to evolve.

In 2005, it was new wave rock'n'roll with Crocodiles Inc. In 2011 it was new age kraut with BangBangCockCock and then came the time of BBCC for obvious "safe google search" reasons.
Well, whether it was before or now (after that it's not so sure, these idiots will get old), it's always better !

More than ever plugged into AC, the BBCC have fun with their classical or technological instruments to write songs that David Byrne could have written if he existed in 2240 and had been given the mission to compose a record with Mark Mothersbaugh after a time travel in 1040. Talking Heads with a Devo twist or New Age? Something like that. But it's a good laugh. A synthetic rock that puts you in a trance and that likes to brush all fronts. Big gaps to better avoid references.

For their latest opus, Michael, it's nothing less than a meta-space-opera-theatre-without-a-fashion but with a life coach, a walking hammer and a dapper motorbike. Rumour has it that they've got the big head.

In short, BBCC continues to change with each new album and it's really not bad.


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