BBCC  - Michael
BBCC  - MichaelBBCC  - Michael

BBCC Michael

BBCC presents “Michael”
released June 16, 2023

Written and composed by Adrien Moerlen
Arranged by Théo Cloux
Recorded by Hugo Barré at Studio Jazzophone. June 2022.
Théo Cloux Produced by
Mixed by Hugo Barré
Mastered by Peter Deimel at Studio Black Box

All vocals by Adrien Moerlen and Anne Ahlers
Additional vocals by Hugo Barré & Théo Cloux
Drums by Francesco Rees
Bass by Théo Cloux
Synths by Théo Cloux & Adrien Moerlen
Guitars by Théo Cloux & Atef Aouadhi
Additional guitar by Stephan Nieser
Percussions by Francesco Rees & Théo Cloux

BBCC is Francesco Rees, Adrien Moerlen, Atef Aouadhi, Sham, Anne Ahlers, Paul-Henri Rougier

October Tone Records
Birdcall Publishing

1. Dear Ol'Michael 03:16
2. The Prize 03:39
3. Trial 1 (Emotional Intelligence) 02:32
4. Hammer of God 02:01
5. Sitcom 03:15
6. Trial 2 (The Gauntlet) 04:52
7. Trial 3 (Televised Acts of Faith) 04:41
8. Life Coach 07:21
9. End Theme 01:41
10. Motorad 05:42

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