HERMETIC DELIGHT - To the Grave to the Rave

HERMETIC DELIGHTTo the Grave to the Rave

Behind that name, evocative of a zombie flick, lies... the fantasized soundtrack of a zombie flick. While the delightfully enjoyable rock opening kicks in, try envisioning some really British zombies at teatime, shoving aside decorum and double-deckers while on their way to feast upon survivors succumbing to a dancing epidemic.

Hermetic Delight isn't partial to happy endings. Oscillating between an ode to a gravedigger and a funeral party, the tracks are keen to reveal the end of the film: the time has now come for zombies to reign …and for rock to reign anew?

Released on 18 october 2013


Vocals - Zey K.
Guitars - Geoff Silver / A. Diamond
Bass Guitar - Bob K.
Drums - Delphine Padilla

Recording, mixing, mastering - Baptiste Bruzi (Green Valley)
Cover Art - Gauthier Humbert (Green Valley)


1. Lull | 03:52
2. The Funeral Party (The Cure cover) | 02:52
3. The Gravedigger's Song (Mark Lanegan cover) | 04:14


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