Hassan K. / Edi Pou
Split Vinyl
on Cheap Satanism Record, Extra Normal Records, Gandula and October Tone.

Artwork by: Clotilde Auboeuf-Dominguez
Mix by: Nîm

Hassan K. : Straying away from a folklore dominated by the binary kicks of contemporary Oriental electro, Keyvane Alinaghi becomes Hassan K. and transcends the fluctuant borders of Persian music.
As much a fiddler as an adamant defender of a free and open-source culture, polymath DIY artist… For more than 10 years, this solo artist has been boundlessly blending Persian rituals with new technologies, the West with the East, surf music with belly dancing, swing with cyber-metal, film scores with harsh noise… The multi-instrumentalist musician is a traditionalist who does not play around with folklore, but rather searches for the essence of a millennial culture, in order to
offer it a second breath without ever deteriorating it.


Edi Pou : Edi Pou is a human playing a drum kit, a sampler, a keyboard, a marimba and a microphone. The result is a cluster of minimalist layers at a maximalist volume. It could be hardcore without guitars, screamo without screaming, orchestral music without an orchestra, IDM without any intelligence, or an attempt to cope with and sublimate the acceleration of contemporary society but without actually talking about the subject.
Edi Pou is the 49,56% of ZA!, post-world-music duo that has toured in all continents with more than 700 shows, collective performances and workshops trying to mix avantgarde with collective anti-elitist action. Edi Pou is also the 49,34% of Los Sara Fontan, one of the most active duos in Spanish underground, always eager to fuse their experimental music with poets, dancers, flmmakers and other musicians. Edi is a founder of la Orquesta del Caballo Ganador -conducted improvisation collective-
and Gandula -international DIY label since 2009. This is Edi's frst solo project, 25 years after his first show.


A01 - Hassan K. - Alchimie spéculative 03:49
A02 - Hassan K. - Le problème des Généraux Byzantins 02:59
A03 - Hassan K. - Le Cavalier du Chatrang 03:23
A04 - Hassan K. - Les Sakas cataphractaires 01:45
A05 - Hassan K. - Le Ministère des octoplasmes 03:37
B01 - Edi Pou - Disco Promo Gira 05:41
B02 - Edi Pou - Lo + Nuevo 05:01
B03 - Edi Pou - El Tanque 05:47
B04 - Edi Pou - Todos Van Drogados 07:20

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